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Whats your new normal?

We’ve all been through an enormous period of change recently, with lockdown and shielding measures. As lockdown eases in some areas of the UK, we wonder what will be our 'new normal'?

For some of us, shielding might not be a completely new experience and your cancer experience may have already put you through considerable change.

Through shared experiences and support, the Community can help you find that 'new normal', whatever it might mean for you.

Visit the community - click the image below

When you need a friend, the Community is here for you 24/7.

Whether you're worried about shielding, or have questions about cancer, our members are here to talk. If you've never posted before, why not introduce yourself in our 'New to the Community' group?

Supporting LGBT+ people affected by cancer.

In the Community News Blog, Eliza discusses how Macmillan and the Online Community are here for everyone affected by cancer, no matter how you identify, or who you love.

We hope to see you soon,

Steph - Macmillan Community Team


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