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Macmillan Cancer Support is keen to ensure that the environment in which patients are treated and in which relatives accompany their friends and family to appointments, are always set out and designed to ensure visits to units such as this one are as good as they can be.


To this end we have decided to regularly ask our visitors whether they are happy with the ‘environment’ of our cancer unit and to find out whether or not we should be looking to change things.  Please would you help us by answering the following short survey

Please note the feed back left is anonymous & should not be used if you need a response. 

Raising Concerns – PALS & Complaints Team

If you have any concerns about your care or treatment, or that of your relative, we need to know about them as soon as possible, so we can take action to improve the situation. We are aiming to achieve our user-led vision for raising concerns and complaints.

0161 922 4466

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