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Supporting people with cancer through podcasts

Earlier this year Macmillan cancer Support launched its first national podcast, called Talking Cancer, to offer a different kind of support to people living with and affected by cancer.

Hosted by DJ and Macmillan supporter Emma B, Talking Cancer covers important topics from diagnosis and treatment to end of life and living with cancer. In each episode Emma has honest conversations with people about their experiences, followed by a chat with Macmillan professional Dany Bell who shares advice and information to help listeners find their best way through.

Subscribe to series one on your preferred podcast platform from your mobile phone. You can also access the podcast from your desktop talking-cancer-podcast on Apple or Spotify.

As well as Talking about cancer, there are many other cancer related podcasts out there the may be interesting for you to try.

Your me and the big C - A BBC podcast taking a candid look at cancer.

Breast Cancer Now - Personal Stories and talks with professionals about living with and beyond breast cancer.

In conversation with George Alagiah. A Bowel cancer UK podcast featuring personal stories and expert interviews about living well with bowel cancer.

the dying matters podcast, talking about death and dying.


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