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Rapid Diagnostic Centre (RDC) Pathways are coming to Tameside, Glossop and Stockport.

Coming Soon to Tameside, Glossop and Stockport

Rapid Diagnostic Centre's (RDC) are pathways designed to speed up cancer diagnosis and

improve patient experience, in line with the Faster Diagnosis Framework (FDF).

The RDC is a pathway for patients presenting with vague / non-site specific symptoms of cancer.

Rapid Diagnostic Centre pathways make sure everyone with non-site specific symptoms get the right tests at the right time in as few visits as possible. Driving innovation and new diagnostic practice, RDC pathways promote continuous improvement of cancer diagnostics.

RDC's introduce a new non-site specific symptom pathway for patients who display symptoms that could indicate cancer that don’t align to specific cancers, such as unexplained weight loss, fatigue or vague abdominal pain. The new non-specific pathway complements current cancer diagnostic pathways.


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