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Writing about your experience

People living with cancer can find it cathartic to write about their experience here are some tips you can pass on to people.

The Writers and Artists website has useful information for people who want to publish a book, but it can be hard to find a publisher and expensive to self-publish. However, there are other ways that people can share their story.

you can:

Help Macmillan by sharing your story with the media

Become a Cancer Voice to use their experience to help shape cancer services and improve cancer care

Use our Online Community where people share their stories and are of help to others going through a cancer experience

Create a blog on the Online Community

Look at the Cancer Survivors Club website which has an option to submit a story.

Our blog for National Share a Story Month (May 2019) also has some interesting quotes and more useful links.

Thanks to Genevieve @ Macmillan cancer support for this article

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