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Available health services over Christmas and New Year

Local people in Tameside and Glossop are being reminded that they can access a variety of healthcare services over Christmas and New Year. Getting advice from a local pharmacist is the best first step for a minor health concern. People can speak with the pharmacist in confidence, in a private area, about even the most personal symptoms, and are advised to telephone their usual pharmacy before travelling as opening hours may vary over the bank holidays. People should contact their GP if they or a family member has a condition that their pharmacist cannot treat. GP practices in Tameside and Glossop have core opening hours of 8am to 6.30pm, Monday to Friday, and they can also offer a range of appointment options, including evening and weekend appointments based across three hubs (Ashton, Glossop and Hyde). If anyone needs to seek urgent care or advice, out of GP hours, after 6.30pm on a weekday or over the weekend, they should call NHS 111 or go online Ashton Primary Care Centre is a walk-in-centre for local people unable to get a convenient appointment through their GP practice and for those who need to see someone urgently. Their opening hours are 8am to 8pm every day of the year. There are lots of things people can do over the Christmas and New Year bank holidays to keep well and warm such as, ordering repeat prescriptions and ensuring they have enough medication; heating their home to at least 18oC which can be crucial to staying well. Wearing several layers of light clothing and staying active can also help. Keeping bedroom windows closed on winter nights as breathing in cold air can be bad for your health as it increases the risk of chest infections. People can also keep themselves safe by not letting anyone in their home who they are not expecting to call. Lots of people get ill over winter and can tragically even die following cold conditions. It’s important that we look out for our vulnerable relatives and neighbours. If we know anyone over 65, with young children or who is living with a long term health condition, keep an eye on them and consider what help they may need. A list of pharmacy opening times plus available health care services available over Christmas and New Year is on NHS Tameside and Glossop Clinical Commissioning Group’s website at

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