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Macmillan Online Community and World Mental Health day

To recognise World Mental Health Day this week, Macmillan Cancer Support`s online community focuses on steps you can take to improve your metal wellbeing. You'll also find 'Compliments corner' where we share some positive experiences people have had using our Online Community.

Some tips from our Support Line staff on dealing with difficult emotions and improving your mental wellbeing.

Liza from our Information Development team discusses the challenges young carers face and how to look after yourself if you are a young carer.

Members have been sharing their favourite anthems to get them through those tough times. What would your anthem be?

Compliments corner

"I'm sending lots of love to everyone and I'm glad to say I'm finding the site very supportive"

"it’s hard to talk to my friends and family about what I’m feeling. Thank goodness we have this site and I have all of you, it makes a huge difference."

"Thank you all for your posts over the last year... It is of comfort to know that I am not alone on the long road back."

"I have watched, read and taken great comfort from all of your posts over the past 5 or 6 weeks since I joined. I was so stressed and upset I felt unable to contribute or comment but I got such comfort from coming here."

Blog highlights

"I am surrounded by family and friends who always make me laugh even in the dark times....."

"My only advice is to think positive thoughts and when those dark moments come, as they do for us all, give in for a moment, have a cry and then move forward."

"Does everything just got back to how it was and people just forget it happened?" Can you help?

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