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Health and Wellbeing events - be part of the conversation

Health and Wellbeing Events are a key component of the Recovery Package and are vital in enabling health or social care providers to deliver outcomes for people affected by cancer.

Health and Wellbeing Events are all about education and information. They support people living with and beyond cancer, their carers and their families to take control and participate in their short and long-term recovery, giving them necessary information and promoting positive lifestyle change.

What is a Health & Wellbeing event

A Health and Wellbeing Event is supportive event to help prepare people affected by cancer, their carers, and their family and friends for the transition through their cancer journey. The event brings together a range of service providers from health, social, community and voluntary sectors.

Tameside & Glossop`s Macmillan recovery package team are looking at Health & Wellbeing events and would like to get as much input from people as possible so they have a wide selection of experiences to draw upon. The recovery package team are holding a Twitter Chat, if you would like to join in and share your views!

Follow the Recovery team on Twitter @TgMacRP and join the Twitter Chat on 17th October 20:00—21:00 You will be discussing what works well and what we would like to see more of. You can help shape the future for Health and Wellbeing events in Tameside and Glossop. Join the conversation using #HWBTG

You can also always contact Aoife Isherwood to share your experiences and insight.

The Project Team needs your help to improve the outcomes for patients living with and beyond cancer. By sharing your experiences and opinions, you can help shape how the Recovery Package is implemented in Tameside & Glossop. There are lots of ways to get involved and you can decide how much time you want to give. Your contribution could mean taking surveys, reviewing leaflets or acting as a patient representative at meetings. Either way, all of your actions will make a big difference to the project’s work. For more details, or to arrange a meeting, please contact Aoife on 0161 922 6749 or Thank you.

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