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Quitting Smoking is easier with the right support.

Quit smoking with your free personal stop smoking plan, learn about the STOPTOBER app, stop smoking aids, that can help you quit, using E - cigarettes for quitting and more at

Stopping smoking can be tough. But you don't have to do it with willpower alone – there's lots of support out there. You are 4 time more likely to quit for good with the support with a trained adviser.

This October why not take part in the 28 days STOPTOBER challenge? You are 5 time more likely to STOP for GOOD after stopping smoking for 28 days with support and aids that suits you best. There are many supports you can access to help you take the STOPTOBER 28 days challenge:

Search STOPTOBER online and create your own ‘Personalised Quit Plan,’ tailored made to support you.

Get support at the end of your fingertips by downloading the STOPTOBER App.

You can sign up to receive emails with tips and motivational pick-me-ups. Follow STOPTOBER on Facebook for information and advice at any time of the day. With loads of encouragement and support from thousands of people also trying to quit.

There are many stop smoking aids which can also help you to quit smoking for good, including E-cigarettes. Most importantly access your local stop smoking service for face-to-face, 121 support. It's friendly, free and could help you stub out cigarettes for good.

Find your local stop smoking service here

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