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Free central heating offer

Winter weather may the last thing on everyone's mind right now but here's a great opportunity for Tameside residents who don’t have a central heating system in their home to get one for free in good time for the colder months ahead.

The fund is targeting households that heat their property with electric storage heaters, room heaters or open fires. (If you just have gas in one or two rooms you may still be eligible e.g. kitchen.)

The limited offer is part of Greater Manchester Warm Homes Fund which will install fully funded ‘first-time’ central heating systems to 500 homes across Greater Manchester on a first come first served basis.

It aims to provide a helping hand to vulnerable households that do not currently have a central heating system and who, during the colder months, are struggling to stay warm. It is open to owner occupiers and to private tenants (with their landlord’s permission) who meet certain eligibility criteria based on income, health or other personal circumstances. The scheme is set to run throughout 2018-19 but will close to new applications once all the funds have been allocated so qualifying households are encouraged to apply without delay.

The £1.8 million funding for the scheme has been secured by GMCA and the local authorities from the nationwide Warm Homes Fund established by National Grid and administered by Affordable Warmth Solutions. Available to owner occupiers and private renters with landlord’s permission

The first step in the process for Tameside households is to get in touch with LEAP on 0800 060 7567 to check their eligibility.

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