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Macmillan`s Financial Support Tool


Being diagnosed with cancer is a difficult time, as well as coping with the treatment it can affect work, your income and increase costs. But there is a lot of help available. You may be able to receive a benefit to top up your income or cover extra costs or grants to help with one off expenses.

The benefits system in the UK is complex and can be confusing. The benefits you may be entitled to depends on your circumstances like your age, income and where you live. It's important to know your benefits rights, and find out who can help you to claim.

We’re here to help make it easier and support you through the process.

Use the Benefits Checker for a quick idea of which benefits you may be eligible for and how to claim. It takes around 1 minute.

Use the Benefits Calculator for a detailed look at which benefits you may be entitled to, how much and how to claim. It takes around 10 minutes.

Call Macmillan Helpline. Whether you're worried about money or practical issues, have questions about treatment or just want someone to listen, call us free on 0808 808 0000 Monday to Friday, 9am - 8pm.

Access local help & support

How to access your local Macmillan Welfare Rights Services

Ask your Macmillan, or specialist nurse to make a referral to us and we will contact you, alternatively telephone 0161 922 5644

or email

More information on our benefit advice page

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