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 Cancer Champion Resources

This is a resource page for the Macmillan Cancer Support and Cancer Research UK 
Tameside and Glossop Cancer Champions. 
Its aim is to develop and enable, easy access to relevant, useful resources for Cancer Champions 
Please contact us if there is anything you would like added or changed on this page.
This is a resource for you and we want to support you in your activities as Cancer Champions
we value your input and insight.
You can email any comments or suggestions to or contact us by phone 0161 922 5644    

Tameside and Glossop cancer champion

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Tameside and Glossop

Macmillan Information and support service

Annual report - 2019


Tameside and Glossop Macmillan Information

and support service  fact Sheets 

Holistic needs assessment

Holistic needs assessment

A Holistic Needs Assessment can help you identify and address the needs and concerns of people living with cancer to develop a Personalised Care and Support Plan.

A Holistic Needs Assessment usually has three parts:

  • A questionnaire for patients
    This allows patients rate their concerns by giving them a score out of ten. These can be answered on paper (with an HNA Concerns Checklist) or electronically (with an electronic Holistic Needs Assessment). It usually takes 10 minutes for patients to complete the assessment.

  • A conversation to discuss the answers
    This is an opportunity to talk about your patient's needs and concerns, which may be physical, emotional, practical, financial or spiritual. Your patient may like to bring a carer, family member or friend to this meeting if they find it helpful. The conversation usually lasts around 20 minutes.

  • You create a care plan together
    You can now develop a Personalised Care and Support Plan to help address your patient's concerns. This can include information to help people self-manage, along with contact details of any helpful organisations or services. You can give patients a copy of their care plan to take away with them.

More  information is available on Macmillan cancer supports information for health care professionals for the link please click here 

Holistic Needs Assessment

End of treatment summary

Physical Activity

We have launched a new Physical Activity webpage for professionals. Here you’ll find information about Macmillan’s free online training, evidence, insight and physical activity guidelines for people with cancer.


There are also resources to help you when recommending physical activity to your patients, and to influence those commissioning, reviewing or providing services.  

Be clear on cancer

Be Clear on Cancer 

Blood in pee campaign

Be Clear on Cancer

Be Clear on Cancer

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