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Questions about volunteering


  1. Contact us for a chat, we can discuss the benefits of volunteering, ways you can help & guide you through the process of volunteering.

  2. Consider examples of volunteering opportunities click here for  a list of volunteer roles

  3. Apply once you have had a discussion & identified how you would like to help applications to join the Macmillan Service at Tameside Hospital will be made via the Hospital Volunteer service. Both the Macmillan Service & the hospital volunteer services with stay in contact with you during this process.

  4. We also work in partnership Macmillan Solutions & Willow Woods complementary therapy team. Accessing volunteer opportunities for positions with Macmillan Solutions & Willow Wood would be via their own induction

  5. Due to our placement within the hospital all applicants will have a DBS & occupational Health screening check.

  6. Receive training and support, all volunteers will have an induction and if needed can offer specific training for your role. Staff members are always on hand to provide ongoing help and support.



Can I claim expenses?

  • Volunteering at the hospital, Travel expenses are reimbursed so everyone can afford to be a volunteer.


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