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Parking Permits - Eligibility

Patients attending for Chemotherapy treatment and the Christie bloods closer to home are entitled to free parking. 

Patient parking permit requests can be made by the Christie Mobile Chemotherapy team, Macmillan Reception staff and or the Macmillan Information and Support team.

These requests can be made by email to the Facilities Department by emailing or by submitting the online form which can be found on this page. The following patient details must be collected and provided in order to process and facilitate the free parking permit.

process: These details include: patient name, licence registration number plate Number, contact phone number contact telephone details and parking exemption end date.  

It can take up to 7 days for the patient details to be added to the system. The car parking  office can be contacted on the day 6899/6638 if an eligible patient needs permission to exit for free whilst waiting for the system to be updated 

Click Image below for Parking Permit form

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