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The story of a Simple Bag which became a bag full of support.

A simple bag started in 2016. Amy Longson is a qualified social worker and wanted to do something for people affected by cancer.  Amy felt that fundraising by running races or marathons may not be for her  "I just thought it would be nice to try and collect things to help people starting chemotherapy treatment". Amy was looking to fund the costs of the items herself

Amy put a request out on social media, asking if individuals and companies across Glossopdale could offer items at reduced rates. Amy received a great response and was surprised by the amount of donations.  

Of the original set of bags Amy & her family put together half went to Christies hospital and half to the Tameside Macmillan Unit. 

Mossley Cancer Committee

Following on from Amy`s original donation, Mossley cancer committee wanted to see the bags continue putting together pamper bags filled with useful items for people starting chemotherapy treatment in Tameside`s Macmillan unit. 

Mossley cancer committee will be 50 next year and has approximately 18 members and many more supporters. The group meets at Mossley band club, holding a Saturday coffee morning most months. 

The committees aim is to raise and donate monies to local cancer charities. The committee runs many fun fundraising events including coffee mornings, beetle drives, chocolate bingo and coach trips and more. In Mossley cancer committee`s Valerie Lee`s words

We try to plan events which cater for a huge and very supportive following, our events create a very important atmosphere of community spirit and like mindedness, we never worry too much about whether an event will be successful because everyone Wants to come, they enjoy themselves and feel they get great value for money and it is also a way that they themselves can help us as a committee to help others 

We have always donated money to Macmillan Cancer Support,  but when we learned Macmillan were working with Tameside Hospital to build a new Macmillan unit at our local  Hospital, that was the time to pull out all the stops, for 18 months we had a Monday coffee morning to raise extra funds for the unit.  And of course some of our supporters  have used the unit.


We have been helping the unit to provide additional refreshments to people attending the unit for treatment, this including biscuits, sweets cakes and some savoury items. small things that can make a big difference. 

We have also helped with Children`s packs, little surprises for children attending appointments with their parents and grandparents.  


We wanted to do more and David Banks manager of our Macmillan information and support service spoke to me about the pamper bags, I then in turn spoke to Wanda Bain my best friend and a cancer committee supporter, who has been having cancer treatment for the past six years. 

Wanda said your first treatment is daunting, you have no idea what you will need. We sat together and wrote a list of what might be useful.


We provide the bags in the hope that the recipients  realise that there are people out there who care

And want to support them at a very worrying time, and that we are walking their journey  in a small

with them 


Mossley Cancer Committee create bags for both men and women these can contain  


Water / cordial  Sweets  Mints mouthwash

Nail file  Puzzle /colour book  Pens 

Note book  Biscuits Hand cream

Body spray  socks 

hat, head scarf gloves, Scarfs

eye mask (if wanting to sleep)

Tissues, Wet wipes, soap, lavender bag 

We are always open to new ideas to add to our list 


We buy the items from local shops  and businesses



We have given about 200 , and we intend to carry on for many years 


We feel the bags have been really appreciated, we have had numerous, phone calls 

Thank you cards and donations to make more .

Feedback from patients receiving a bag on starting treatment

What receiving the bag means to you 

really thoughtful gift, cheered me up :)

I was touched and grateful

That some body cares enough to make such a generous gift

A nice surprise

It was really lovely, how kind of people to be thinking of us and giving their time and resources. it brightened my day.

I was thrilled - you realise people care and are so thoughtful.

A very nice surprise - I loved it 

people care ! 

did you feel the contents of the bag were useful and appropriate 

very nice selection - thoughtful choice of gifts

there were some lovely surprises in the bag, gifts really well thought out.

yes good mix of practical and fun, the items were useful and helpful.

yes it was packed with lots of useful things to keep me entertained during my treatement. It also had sweets and water and other handy things for my handbag such as hand cream and nail files.

Very it was like a Christmas stocking I loved it !

very appropriate especially the socks and a heavy hat 

if you could say something to the teams who fund raise and prepare the bags what would it be


Thank you so much, its the little gifts and gestures that make all the difference Thank you !!


Thank you for you hard work and thoughtfulness 

thank you for caring keep up the good work 

thank you it was very unexpected and very thoughtful

A Massive big thank you! So thoughtful and really makes a difference 

Thank you, i was really touched, it is a lovely idea and certainly cheered me up.

It really makes me think that someone cares. Cancer can come to anyone you need that thoughtfulness

Thank you big time



"Receiving a bag showed people cared, very thoughtful"



A very nice surprise – I loved it”

“It really makes me think that someone cares. Cancer can come to anyone and you need that thoughtfulness”

Mossley Cancer Committee pictures 

Amy Longson Pictures 

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