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At the heart of work across Greater Manchester to prevent cancer is a growing network of Cancer Champions.

Cancer Champions will use their personal experience and knowledge to support those at risk of developing cancer, or recently diagnosed with the disease, by getting involved in their local communities, talking openly about cancer and sharing important messages.

Greater Manchester Cancer Champions is a social movement that was launched in 2017 to support those at risk of developing cancer and those recently diagnosed with the disease. We aim to have 20,000 cancer champions by 2019.

Anyone can get involved and join us. Being a cancer champion is fun and rewarding. There is a very wide range of activities that you can get involved in, including:

Becoming a volunteer with a local community group to get more people talking about how to prevent cancer

Using your experiences to talk about cancer prevention, even just with friends and family

Visiting events and communities to find new ways to talk about cancer prevention

Being a Cancer Champion is also as easy as sharing messages and posts on Facebook with your family and friends. Or asking them to 'like' our page so they can keep up to date with important information about screening and early diagnosis

Click the 'Learn More' button on this page to join us.

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